Our Residents

Journey of Healing & Recovery

Journey of Healing and Recovery takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our residents. It is of the utmost importance to provide you with a cohesive, healthy, peer supportive, structured environment.

Commitment to

Your Sobriety

We encourage all our clients to be active in attending as many meetings as possible in early sobriety.   We do understand in the beginning of your journey, it may feel natural to isolate. We do not push you to attend meetings for us. We encourage you to attend meetings for yourself. Finding a home group and building a solid network of sober individuals is essential to lead a sober life. The success stories we have seen are incredible. We can assure you that the success from these individuals did not come from sitting around our houses and watching TV. The success comes from a deep look within, forming a mutually beneficial relationship with your sponsor, and working the 12-steps of recovery. 

Weekly house meetings provide our staff and residents the following:  

  • Open dialogue between residents and staff
  • Weekly check-ins with each resident focusing on their achievements
  • Structure and accountability
  • Clean and healthy environment
  • Assigned weekly chores in a rotation for each resident

Our residents will be required to undergo completely randomized drug testing and breathalyzing.  Accountability to maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment is a must. We abide by a strict zero tolerance policy.  

Commitment to


Upon enrollment to Journey of Healing and Recovery each resident will have an orientation completed by our staff. It is especially important to establish accountability and general house duties, during your stay with us.

Our residents will be required to maintain full-time employment, or full-time student status, or volunteer at least thirty hours per week. Employment is a crucial step which allows you to be productive members of society.  Following our program empowers you to be more motivated and confident in achieving sobriety. We also provide assistance in your job search by showing you how to write a resume, fill out applications and prepare for interviews.  

Our residents are also required to pay rent on a weekly basis.