About Us

Journey of Healing & Recovery

Sober living can become a very memorable experience. We want to make the moments you encounter priceless as you develop a new life. Our philosophy is to provide individual attention to all our residents.  Sober living might be exactly what you need to make the transition into a healthy lifestyle. It is especially important to point out that the practice of care and humility is as essential for the owners as well as our residents.

I was a person who, like many others, needed help. I was lost and confused. I had tried everything to make life better on my own. It was a vicious cycle of the same people, places, and things. After many rehab facilities and detox centers, once again in 2007, I found myself on a plane headed to treatment in South Florida. I wondered, “What was going to be different this time?”

After the haze of drugs and alcohol were lifted, the realization of the harm and disappointment I had caused, troubled me greatly. The guilt and shame crept its way in. The thought of using, once more, haunted me.  I thought to myself, “Will this feeling ever leave?”  

It began with a therapist telling me, “everything I think I know, I don’t.” This may have been said to me previously, however this time those simple words resonated. Obviously, he was correct, because I continued to be stuck in the endless loop of lies and manipulation which always lead back to getting high. It became apparent I needed to make a commitment to change my situation drastically.  A deep and honest look within myself was necessary to get better. Little did I know, this was just the beginning.  

Time was going by and I found myself fearful of leaving treatment, where I felt safe. I decided to take advantage of what was suggested to me and find a sober living environment. At first, I was unsure and skeptical of the idea of halfway living.  

Once I stepped foot in my first halfway house, there was an unexplained sense of relief and peace. I began to form great relationships with other individuals who made the same choice. I truly felt as though I belonged somewhere. I began to experience some of the changes I initially believed to be impossible. As time went on, it became clear I had made one of the best choices of my life.

Sober living gave me so much including:  contacts in the AA community, structure, accountability, responsibility, and most importantly an opportunity to stay sober. Without an environment such as this, I do not believe I would have been able to transition to the next stage of my life. After almost eighteen months of living in a sober home, I felt ready to move on. Sober living prepared me to live a life which is second to none.

My sincerest hope is to provide the same opportunity which was given to me. I seek to provide an environment which is safe, accountable, dynamic, and truly life altering. It is my goal to lead by example with honesty and kindness. It is important to let our residents know with a little bit of hard work, change is inevitable. Not only is this my passion, but it is also my responsibility to continue to give back.

It is my utmost privilege to witness an individual broken by the disease of addiction, find his or her way and grow into the person they were meant to be all along. Our clients leave us with confidence, gratitude, a smile and hope in their hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a recovery residence for those looking to continue their sobriety in a supportive peer environment. We encourage those seeking a treatment center to make the decision and take action today.

We do not accept insurance. We are a self-pay recovery residence.

We do not have a medical staff. We recommend that each resident refer to their personal insurance provider for medical practitioner recommendations.

Each resident is responsible for their own food, toiletries, towels and hangers. It is recommended not to bring any items of significant monetary value.

It is recommended that an individual seek treatment (a treatment center of their choosing), before living in a recovery residence. It is a requirement prospective residents test negative on drug/alcohol test prior to moving in.

Please contact us to get more information about the cost of weekly rent.

Journey of Healing and Recovery does not have co-ed housing. We offer housing for men and women in separate locations.

Yes, tours are provided upon request.